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Ash of Art is a web page where you can find illustrations and designs established and operated by myself (Mário Pereira), focus primary in the creation and design of book covers, CD covers and Packaging. All the art is digitally produced, using custom photography edited, manipulated and fused in Adobe Photoshop®. Unless otherwise stated, the work presented in this web page is available for licensing.

Artwork info
All the Art Conception is handled by myself, but I can work over a client idea as well. All Images can be cropped, resized and personalized to able to fit any purchaser wants or needs. Prices are negotiable so if there is a set budget, It can be worked out according to the limitations.
Copyright infringement
All rights on concept and design of these pages are reserved. The use of page graphics, layout, content or any other material from these presented here for commercial or non-commercial purposes without prior consent of the Ash of Art creator is strictly prohibited.
©2003 MárioPereira, all rights reserved.