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Critic made by Marzia Musso of the Italian Magazine Critic
It's difficult to describe the music of Eternal Mourning...we could get close saying that we're in front of an enchanting meeting between melodic Black Metal and Goth Metal, but it wouldn't be enough. Their music opens scenarios of melancholic fascination, of ethereal sadness, of esoteric loneliness, reaching some intense emotional peaks in songs like "Into Unconsciousness" and "The Strange Form Of Universe". An enigmatic sound that of "Delusion & Dementia", that talks of damnation, of evil, of sadness... A music to be listened in absolute silence letting it carry us on, cradling us with emotions that this Portuguese band reveals step by step. The soprano voice of Rita amito is really celestial, of a clearness out of the common run, and it perfectly copes with Mario Pereira's one, that goes from growl to clean, up to the scream (that reminds much Dani Filth's) showing a capable technical skill. Definitely well done the contrast between male scream and female clean, among black riffs and a sort of sweet lullaby (like a carillon) in "Supremum Male Dicere". The spoken parts, that remind a bit Leçones De Tenebres of Elend, are, to me, an excellent device to break the motion of the album that would end to be monotonous. The rithmic section is technically really good, though it doesn't shine for creativity, while the work of the keyboard of Flavio Pereira is deserving a mark for it gives thickness to the atmosphere that surrounds the whole album, with effective sonorities, never tedious. It's a pity that the production is not so satisfactory, because this band has really got a good potential to be improved. I hope that some label will soon be interested in them so that they can soon give us a new album.

Response: 7.5 (Marzia Musso)

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