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DNA Records to "Delusion & Dementia" Review
Forth to my shelter Eternal Mourning have came in wait for immortal desires, gazing ourselves on a uncommon embrace of so feral beauty, defying the emotional landscapes of comprehension with a triumphant crusade at battle for liberation! "Delusion & Dementia" was recorded in December 1999, bringing thus, a new era for this young band. This Portuguese six-piece outfit really had gained my total attention and respect! Its amazing the quality of such Lusitanian bands nowadays, and Eternal Mourning surely deserve it. Eternal Mourning develops the lineage of musical expressions trying emotional, Doomy, and yet more conventional Blackish harmonic music. Reasonably adding some orchestral complexity and insert the garish Gothic wave under melodic riffs and creeping keyboard passages. Their songs bloom explorating exhaustively new fields of artistic expression. Occasionally chanting with Black Gothic singing inflicting the listener to join them on a journey of pure sadness and emotions, gathering place to either fast well composed riffing at mid tempo melodic and orchestral overtures. Therefore, Eternal Mourning handle quite well to make a fusion in here of Melodic Black Doom oriented Gothic Metal, been extremely difficult to compare this "Delusion & Dementia" to anything else on the Metal camp. Mostly because, this act is truly original and possessing a very distinguished and variable intensity alignath´d with a godly flow of innovative ideas aswell as will to prevail amongst a thousand Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth fucking clones!! This is a marvellous CD, melodically powerful and enjoyable, probably one of the best bands of the genre from the Lusitanian Kingdom! Well, it features eight devastating overtures of not boring or trendy Metal at all! Eternal Mourning gathers also a godly deal of female charming vocals, alienath´d with sweet keyboard lines, creating some gloomy haunted ambiences on it, and I mean it, because I've noticed that the male vocals used in here are not groovy neither brutal, rather rasphy melodic enchanting and alternating to cleanwise, not putting it to a close attempt of Death Metal. Indeed, this is godly and beautiful that even I've problems in describing and reviewing this CD; an honest review made out of "Delusion & Dementia" will crown them Gods!! Only listening to believe on my words! In fact, I liked so much of this CD to the point of listening to it everytime I can affort too. I suspect that most of Thee will enjoy this piece of art as much as I do; truly, this was a bloody pleasant surprise coming forth from Portugal! High quality release and top-notch layout, this lads should be very proud of what they have achieved on "Delusion & Dementia". 13 out of 13 was the best I could give, since that I don't apply 666 points to any release, but if I could, and if it was possible, the 666 points would be given for sure! Instead I put them on the top list of the Dark New Age Records Idiosyncratically Beauty section of this webpage, merely to give Thee an idea of how huge this could be! This CD cultivates the most extreme Soul, intriguing marvellous Metal records. No words can express what I felt when I first listened to "Delusion & Dementia", not even I can be able to describe it on a single review, and if this continue furthermore, it will turn out to be a book!! What else should one speech, perhaps Hell! Because Thee will surely fell regreth´d if Thee don't dare listen to it! Majestic! My hails to Eternal Mourning!


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ŠEternal Mourning 2001