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Darkness comes, fear as arrived
Hordes wondering lost in a different time
Horrified face on the edge of madness
Crawling over cold sharpen rock

Blood is the only boundary, accidental
A survival instinct prevails
Dictates integration, against
Natural rebellion

Burning to ashes
All surrounders
Nothing but fear
No morphine present
Only acts of fait

Agonizing chains
Hunger and aggression
Lesser children
Mutilated bodies of nature, a wicked mother

A gained death, unnoticed, brutal
Cruel mutilation
A different spell, a different instincts of fear
Rare beauty...rare love

Ugly rage
Again despair

Magic initiation
Dangerous rituals
Of pain and unconsciousness
Expected sacrifice
With purpose of creation
Strange anger to be satisfied

Fire, endless pursuit
for deadly weapons
Mastered creation
Mastered itís possession

Rival tribes
The symbol of an  early death
And the doubt of agonizing eyes
Should be expect

A point of light will be kept
The cost will be life, will be death
Strange wondered faces

Cannibals for nothing
Cannibals for nothing

In the end, life stand
Cannibals for nothing