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...only from my essence you feed
because I'm the only one who bleeds...

... moonless night of moonless world
by the haunted beauty of dusk only love is consumed !

the pain i kept inside
the rain, tears i can no longer hide obsession, the heavy rain still's falling
in incessant pain, the lament river still's running...

in this little face there is no shining light
unbroken silence is the eternal delight
let me share with sadness

i may sleep amongst loneliness...
but far away my cries will be heard!

In this timeless travel i stand
Trapped in mysterious shapes
From my eyes i could find
My deepest place in mind

Graceful touch of grief
Only you could caress me
Hang me, strange force
Drive me.......feed me
Give me death ...i need to be free
And for that i will greet you, forever, in ecstasy

I may sleep amongst loneliness...
But far away my cries will be heard !

Mário Pereira