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When and how did you start, and what was the idea you had when you started, what did you want to get? In which way has this idea changed?
Eternal Mourning is more than a simple band, is a state of mind! Our creation is more than pure art, is a colorless therapy. In some strange way Eternal Mourning works as a therapy. Is the way we have to release all our internal disharmonies, the form we achieve to paint the shapeless images that personified our demons, our agonies! Eternal Mourning is the energy needed to confront pain, to deal with sadness to understand the anger. The conception of Eternal Mourning started in 94, but only in 95, when we record our first demo, the real spectrum of the band arises. We wanted to create something special, very honest and without any complexes. Something that could hydrate our souls, representing our minds entirely. Some years has passed since our first days, but not to many things changed. Emotions are the threads that sow all our actions, and emotions are timeless.

How can a band with this kind of sound leave the underground scene and increase its public? Is this a better moment for gothic metal? Has the success of Moonspell helped in any way?
I don't know if this is a better moment for gothic metal, but we are very honest with our inner self. When we are composing a song or a lyric we don't think if that particular creation will feet (or not) in some music category, this doesn't matter. Our expectations are like our feelings, very low. When you don't expect anything from anyone, you will not get disappointments, you will not dress your mind with depersonalized sadness and frustrations. If we harvest some sweet fruits is because we are very honest with our music, is because out there, somewhere, are people like us. People that share similar views, analogues feelings, and are related with the same pains. As I have told you before, sometimes music is a therapy; maybe it works for others too.

Why did you decide the incorporation of a female vocalist in your music?
You can analyze our music as a theatre act or as a dark, but colorful painting. The presence of a female voice gives a different dynamic, a higher intensity on each song. We can get more closed from some particular emotion that we need to express. Is an extra in our creations, is one more color for our paintings, one more soul in our mourning eternal!!

Why 'Delusion & Dementia'? Is this a conceptual album in any way?
You can say so, in some way. This is not a conceptual album in the essence of the word, but all songs are about emotions. Human feelings are our main source of inspiration, and in a way all songs are representations of our natural sensations. In a normal situation I write texts every day, sometimes they became Eternal Mourning lyrics, sometime they don't. The creation is not an obligation, is something natural and very honest. I write about my frustration, sadness, pains grief, and etc. This is not an option, is something intrinsic in my personality. I can't write about other subjects!!!

Your music is so visual, sugesting images. Is it made on purpose? What's the importance of image in Eternal Mourning?

You are the fist person saying that, and I truly agree with you!!! All senses have their purpose, but normally they worked together!! For me is impossible to imagine music apart from images. The intensities of the song, together with lyric, suggest in a very natural way images, colors, situations. This is the reason why I consider our music so real, so honest and so brutal. Is something that happens naturally, is nothing premeditated.

Why 'Sombras do desconhecido' in Portuguese ?
That song is from our first demo "My Soul's Grief", released in 95. The lyric is based in a book that I was reading at that time (I can't remember the name), so I start writing this in Portuguese. Most of my stuff is writing on Portuguese, but normally they aren't used. Using different languages we can achieve different intensities on the songs. Everything becomes more deep, more powerful and real.

Why have you auto-produced your record? Has it been easy?
The reason for that is very simple and obvious, we didn't have enough money to expend with a producer. It was a hard work, but in the end we were pleased with the final result. Doing some evaluation from the present days, there are some details that we would like to change, but we consider this a very normal behavior. Perfection lies on the unborn!! We don't know our future, but if the commercial impact of the album becomes inexistence, we will produce our future work as well.

I think you have made this record in two times, since 1999 to 2001. Have you been worried about keeping a same feeling through the whole recording
Our first option was to release some of this music's as an EP, but when we get to a deal with Goimusic, they prefer to release the stuff as an album. We recorded two more songs, always thinking which was the best way to keep the same feelings present on the previous recordings. I believe we were succeeded. The entire album has a strange, violent and depressive aura. For us is like a journey within our sorrow, serene as the apathy inside, alone in the world that is only ours!!

Why have you chosen Peter Vant Rielt for making the mastering?
This decision was made entirely by our label. We are happy with the final result, so there are no problems.

Text: David F. Abel
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