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Finally Eternal Mourning have solved their situation, GOIMUSIC is the new label of the Band. They have signed for three albums. The first will be “Delusion&Dementia”, to be released beginning of June. A new web page is now under construction and will be on line very soon. Tanks for visiting us, your support is very important!

Interview(in Portuguese) here:

You can see a Eternal Mourning interview (in Portuguese) here:

A lot of things appended with Eternal Mourning on the last months. Before the recordings of Delusion & Dementia EP the Band looses its Keyboard player. Flávio chose to leave because he considered the Band something like “a Waste of his time”. It was a very peaceful departure and in some way he continues to be a part of this Band. If a live appearance should happen, I’m sure he will be there helping us. Within the Band, a lot of inner disharmonies were feed at that moment, but in the end everything turned out to be ok (considering the “ok” definition by E.M. members, which doesn’t exist anyway!!). Marco played all the keyboards on the EP and everything was solved. After the recordings (which were almost as normal as a regular birth) other problems were knocking at our door. Unfortunately we could not do too much about that. We are talking about money. It took three months to solve this stupid situation. Everything was stopped again and disappointment and anger feed once more. Finally we had the chance to purchase our work and take further our intentions. At this moment the Band is looking for a record label to release the EP and we hope to solve this situation very quickly.
Words by:MárioPereira

A new Biography was also add

January ´00
Eternal Mourning have, finally, finish theirs first EP. The EP will answer by the name of “Delusion & Dementia”, and no official release date as been, yet, announced. If any one want any information about this release, just send a email to:

Title tracks of Delusion & Dementia EP

1 Cry of the Damned
2 The Strange Forms of Universe
3 Final Lament – part I( Into Unconsciousness )
4 Dreams of Desiring Lust
5 Final Lament – part II ( Supremum Male Dicere)
6 A Shameless Smile
7 Sowing Threads of Solitude
8 End

October ´99
Eternal Mourning finally start the recordings of the theirs first, still untitled, EP. The Band will spend the last days of October and probably November mixing and finishing the job. There’s a bit of a change in the style, but not a drastic one. The new music ´s sound Darker and not so Doom; a little taste of black metal mixed with the same old gothic/Doom style !! The official release date is still unknown.

November ´98
A new mp3 has been added to this page
Promo track '98
Supremum male dicere (final lament part II)
(see sounds page)

July ´98
New poetry for future songs
( Supremum male dicere & Sowing Threads of solitude )

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