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Eternal Mourning startet its activity in May of 1995 within the following line-up:

 Mário Pereira
 José Meninas
 Marco Faria
 Flávio Pereira
 Nuno Costa
September 95 Recorded its firts demo-tape entitled "My Soul's Grief".
March 96 Wins modern music contest of Palmela.
May 96 Wins the Rock band contest of Lusófona University - Lisbon.
September 96 Participation in High Radiation Vol.2, a compilation of Portuguese metal bands from Independent Records-Portugal, with the track, ”Sombras do desconhecido”.
November 96 Recorded its second demo-tape entitle “Silent Commotions of the Soul in A minor”.
February 96 An invitation, accepted, to head the first Black Metal Festival of Setúbal.
May 97 Participation in Litoral Rock ´97-Santo André.
October 97 Wins Além-Rock ´97 contest of Beja.
December 97 Participation in Ser Cultura ´97-Beja .
February 98 Recruits a female voice in an attempt to achieve the “something extra” that everyone thought was missing. The final result was incredibly positive, and even darker days emerge to sow pain and sorrow to the cold soul of E.M.

Reformed line-up:
Male Voice -
 Mário Pereira
Female Voice -
 Rita Gamito
Lead Guitar -
Rhythm Guitar -
 José Meninas
Bass Guitar -
 Marco Faria
Keyboards -
 Flávio Pereira
Drums -
 Nuno Costa
May 98 The Band finally inaugurate the official Eternal Mourning web site.
October 98 Gets the second place on Além-Rock ´98 contest of Beja.
January 99 Independent Records released a CD of the Além Rock ’98 contest of Beja. Eternal Mourning participated on this CD with the track, recorded live, Final Lament part II – Supremum Male Dicere.
October 99 The Band entered Exilium Linx studio (Portugal) to record its first official release. An EP answering by the name of ”Delusion & Dementia” was the final result. Finally the Band achieved a product that they consider consistent and honest; which could represent the present soul and sound of Eternal Mourning.
September 00 Eternal Mourning had the opportunity to play at the chapel of Sines. It was a unique moment, only chare by a very restrict audience. Something to remember...
February 01 After some irregular months, Eternal Mourning has found a Spanish Label by the name of Goimusic. The Band has sign an agreement for 4 years, releasing during this period 3 albums. From now on the world will be even darker and the minds of scepticism will be fulfil by the words and sounds of the cruel reason. Be aware cause mourning is here to stay.

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