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September 2003

Eternal Mourning concert:

September 27th - Santa Marta Penaguião New

July 2003

Confirmed new concert at REVOLTALLO 2003
Monte dos Pozos
Vigo viernes 15 de Agosto


May 2003

Hello everyone… It’s been awhile since our last words. The band has been doing a few shows around Portugal, even before the release of the new album. ETERNAL MOURNING’s new CD, untitled “The Resident Sadness”, is now completely finished.

The “master” Mika Jussila mastered the CD in Finland, and finally the record is ready for printing. (The Burning) Mirror will be an extra song on the Album. No release date has been set yet. More news when we have it.

April 2003

Eternal Mourning concerts:

May 10th - Grândola New
April 27th - Barroselas Metal Festival (with ThanatoSchizo, Desire, Katatonia)
April 11th - Santiago do Cacém, Sociedade da Harmonia
March 29th - Coimbra, le Son (with Divine Lust and ThanatoSchizo)

November 2002

Finally some more news from the ETERNAL MOURNING realm. The Band as finished the recordings (and mixing) of the new album on 15 0f 0ctober. As was previously announced on this location, the album will be called "THE RESIDENT SADNESS". The layout is already completed, and was once more created by Mário Pereira, ETERNAL MOURNING vocalist. The track list of the new record is:
        - Intro (Infinito da Dor),
        - Inside Mask,
        - My Resident Sadness,
        - Limonin Kiss,
        - Sun of Superficiality,
        - without Regret,
 Walk of misery,
        - A Different Instinct.
You can expect some big surprises and changes, but make no mistakes … is still ETERNAL MOURNING.

A new site is almost completed, but will only see the light of the darkness on the release date of THE RESIDENT SADNESS album.

Finishing our words and surprises, ETERNAL MOURNING is very happy to announce the presence of one more new member, MARTA LOURENÇO. She played viola on the new record and is now a permanent member of the band. More news when we have it ….

July 2002
  Ok, finally we have some fresh news about the forthcoming album. Eternal Mourning will enter Exilium studios (Lisbon) August 25, and will stay there for two or tree weeks. “The Resident Sadness” will be the title of the new record and will present some surprises to the listeners. Inside, Walk of Misery, Without, A Limonin Kiss, Going Away are some of the title tracks of “The Resident Sadness”. The album will be released through the mighty GOIMUSIC somewhere in November.

Photos from the recent show case at Chiado’s FNAC can be seen HERE and a 15 seconds video HERE.
June 2002
  Eternal Mourning will be doing a showcase at Chiado’s FNAC (Lisbon) on June 25.
April 2002

Eternal Mourning will be playing in Vigo (Galicia) on the summer festival Revoltallo. It will be the first show in Spain and will occurred on Friday, 16 of August. We hope to see all of you there. Some more dates are also being discussed now.

Meanwhile, 5 new songs for the upcoming album are already completed. The band as planed the recordings for September, but no dates are yet confirmed.
Eternal Mourning has change the distribution company in Portugal. Delusion & Dementia is now distributed by Recital Records

March 2002
  New photos, from the Faro show, are now available HERE.

After being licensed, some months ago, to Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Benelux, Greece, Italy, U.K., Denmark, U.S.A., Canada, Japan and Israel, "Delusion&Dementia" will now hit the stores on Russia and Taiwan.
February 2002
  Eternal Mourning will start doing some shows:

01.03.2002 – Tal Bar, Faro (Algarve)
02.03.2002 – Associação Satori 666, Loulé, Querença (Algarve)
08.03.2002 - Aqua Club, Santo André (Alentejo)
24.05.2002 - Santiago do Cacém (Alentejo)

More dates are coming up....

Eternal Mourning is currently working on new material for the next album, which is still untitled. Two more songs are almost completed. More news will be put online, when we have it..
November 2001
  It’s now official, Eternal Mourning have a new keyboard player. His name is Miguel Santos and he enclose the music/human qualities that the band were looking for! A more detail biography will be put online very soon. Welcome to the mourning eternal..

Until now the response to the Debut CD "Delusion & Dementia" have been incredibly positive and the Band is planning some shows in Portugal. Some other surprises may come as well, who knows... Eternal Mourning is writing music for the next album, and one new song, untitled "Inside", is already finished.
August 2001
  Because of some problems with the layout the release date of "Delusion&Dementia" will be once more delayed. No definitive date as been set, but probably the album will be released on September.
June 2001
  "Delusion&Dementia" CD is now being remastered at the sound Factory Studios in Holland By Peter Van´t Rielt (previously worked with bands like After Forever). Final track list is: Cry of the Damned/The Strange Forms of Universe/Final Lament part I – Into Unconsciousness/Dreams of Desiring Lust/Final Lament par II - Supremum Male Dicere/ Sombras do Desconhecido/A Shameless Smile/Sowing Threads of Solitude/The Calling. "Delusion&Dementia" is scheduled for release in 2nd July 2001.
May 2001
  The new Eternal Mourning web site is finally here. The mourning is shaped in many different forms, with many different faces. This is ours, at least for the moment…. We changed the biography a little bit and also the discography and the member's section. There are some samples in Mp3 format, and also some new photos. In the coming weeks we will put up all that is missing and maybe new band pictures from the shoots for the debut album "Delusion&Dementia". You can wait here for all the latest news of the mourning realm. Everything will be put online, when we have it.
March 2001
Eternal Mourning has sign with Goimusic an agreement for 4 (Four) years. During this period the band will release 3 CD's. We are proud to present the first official release of Eternal Mourning, "Delusion&Dementia". "Delusion&Dementia" is scheduled for release, through Goimusic, beginning of June, with a previous masterization, and will include one more track (comparing with the previous version presented too media some months ago).

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