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June 06

Hello everyone. Finally we have some news for you. Eternal Mourning as schedule to release on the beginning of the next month "DAIMONION-a soundtrack for a theatrical play". This product is in some way different from all what we have done in the past and represents a partnership between us and Teatro do Mar (an itinerant physical theatre Company from Sines/Portugal). The music is very gloomy, dark and aggressive in some of the moments, and combines classic elements with metal and the romantic gothic inspiration.

This musical endeavor was developed with the intent to provide to the theatrical scenes the needed substance to conducing dramatically the pleasure and the understanding of the show.

All songs were written, recorded and mixed by Mário Pereira and Mini at ANTIARTBEAT STUDIOS, with the special participation of Rita Gamito on female vocals. A promotional video/music of the show can be seen here . The layout of the CD was once more developed by Mário Pereira (cover).

DAIMONON is a medium dimension show where theatre mixes with new circus/aerial acrobatics, dance, original music, new video techniques and image synthesis, extremely visual, poetic and emotional. "Daimonion" its a show prepared to be presented on festivals, events, commemorations, town squares, etc., adaptable, in special circumstances, to non-conventional indoor spaces.

Daimonion (from the Greek, "genius inspirer, good or bad, that presides the character and destiny of each individual") seats on a scenic structure with 9m height, allusive to the architecture of a Gothic Cathedral. Multidiscipline, a mixture of theatre with new circus/ aerial acrobatics, dance, original music, new video techniques and image synthesis.

Based on the myth and tragedy of Faust (in particular Goethe's literary work) and the human aspiration to eternal life. In this staging, directed by Julieta Aurora Santos, Mephistopheles and a spirit are Faust's alter-egos. The conflict is based essentially on this duality in relation with body limitations, soul's amplitude, temptations, search for the Truth, choices and consequences of consummate attitudes.

Faust – representation of Mankind – domains several sciences, but no one leads him to answers that may reveal the mysteries of human existence. Unsatisfied and frustrated, in the end of his life, with the conscience of his body limits and the approach of death, makes a pact with the demon: he sells his soul in exchange of youth and a life of pleasures.

Faust – the creature – wants to be a sort of God, with unlimited access to universal manifestations. Mephistopheles also proposes him the total ecstasy of love. For the opportunity to be able to live another life, although with limited time to do it, Faust has, however, to pay a very high price.

[24,25 May] Festival Tête-à-Tête, Rastatt (DE)
[3,4 June] Festival Internacional de Expressão Ibérica, Praça D. João I, Porto (PT)
[7 Jun] Encontro de Culturas, Serpa (PT)
[10 Jun] Ciclo da Primavera, Montemor-o-Novo (PT)
[5 Jul] Hagen at Muschelsalat-Festival (DE)
[13 Jul] Brilon (DE)
[21,22 Jul] Ludwigshafen (DE)
[29 Jul] Iserlohn (DE)
[4 Aug] Festival de Görliz (DE)
[10 Aug] Saarbrücken (DE) TBC
[15 Aug] Dülmen (DE)
[18,19 Aug] Herford (DE)
[22 Aug] Beckum (DE)
[25 ,26 Aug] Schwerte (DE)
[2 Set] Paderborn (DE)

May 05

 Confirmed ETERNAL MOURNING concert

Satori Loulé Algarve (CANCELLED).


March 05

Here we are again to present some news about ETERNAL MOURNING.

As you all know, at the moment we are preparing a new album. The compositions are going well, and we truly believe that we are achieving something very special.
We have already a title for the forthcoming record but that will remain undisclosed for now.

After we have a 4 or 5 songs completed we will present them to some labels, since we decide to end our cooperation with goimusic. We wish them all the best, but It was time for us to try something different.

We are also working on some of our old songs and giving them an acoustic approach. We will do some shows on that format. More dates will be anounced here soon.

Besides that we will start doing very soon a sound track to a theatrical play about Dr. Faust, Which will be assure by the professional group Teatro do Mar (Sines/Portugal), and will be delightful.

Two Members of the band (Mário & Miguel) are also working at the moment on a new band. The songs are emerging naturaly, and sounding very different from Eternal Mourning. On this new band Mário will play drums and Miguel will be responsible for the guitars. A vocalist was already found, and will be a girl.

As you all can see, we are very busy at the time....
More, as we have it.

January 05

>ETERNAL MOURNING is at the moment creating new songs for the forthcoming album.
Two new songs are already done and two more are on the way. What is important to say here is that the new material has some fresh elements on it, sounding colossal and refreshing! More news about it will be presented here later.

ETERNAL MOURNING news for Portuguese fans:

Os Eternal Mourning estarão no auditório da biblioteca de Santiago do Cacem no dia 26 de Fevereiro. Será um concerto com uma postura mais intimista e descontraída em que muitas surpresas surgirão. Esta apresentação é caracterizada fundamentalmente por um cariz mais acústico, algo que será uma novidade para a própria banda.

Future shows

February 05 / Rock House Café
February 26 / Auditório da biblioteca de Santiago do Cacém (21:30)

November 04

 Confirmed ETERNAL MOURNING concert

Anfiteatro da Faculdades de Letras LISBOA.



Confirmed new ETERNAL MOURNING concert.

22.05.2004 - Sábado 
Sala Q - 20.30 h.
Sevilla (Polígono Calonge / Calle Metalurgia #25) 
Precio entradas: 12 € adelantado - 15 € taquilla
Puntos de venta:
· Sevilla: Tiendas Ruido - Sun Tattoo - Rock Tattoo - Sala Q
· Málaga: Tiendas Tipo
· Cordoba: Tiendas Tipo (desde ... hasta dia 18 mayo)
· Huelva: por confirmar 



Hello everyone! Welcome  to the ETERNAL MOURNING shrine!

Finally we are back with a new skin. To celebrate the release of our most recent CD, entitled "The Resident Sadness", we have launched a new web site where you can find everything about Eternal Mourning. The biography was actualised and you have also a bunch of new promo photos to see here. Meanwhile we are working on some live videos that will be online, for free download, in near future.


Details about "The Resident Sadness" CD:

Recorded and mixed at Exilium studio's, Lisbon, during September/October 2002.

Produced by Orlando Costa & Eternal Mourning.

Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki in May 2003.

All songs written by Eternal Mourning.
All Lyrics Written by Mário Pereira, except "A Different Instinct" by Margarida do Carmo.
Art Direction & Design by Mário Pereira. Door pictures by António Guerreiro.
Extra piano on "(The Burning) Mirror" by Orlando Costa.
Bands Photography's by Filipe Pereira & Filipe Lima.
Track list
01 Intro (Infinito da Dor),
02 Inside Mask,
03 My Resident Sadness,
04 Limonin Kiss,
05 Sun of Superficiality,
06 Without Regret,
07 Walk of misery,
08 A Different Instinct,
09 (The Burning) Mirror.

©Eternal Mourning 2004